Sunday, 17 January 2016

Senior Sophomore torture

Hello stalkers readers. So yeah. It was almost a week I've been in GMI for chapter semester 4. All I can conclude for this first week is...everybody is so fvcking damn being an asshole choosy. I mean the whole semester 4 July 2014 intake students, was turns into a vibe that really left me a forever permanent memory of my college life. This stupid FYP things definitely destroyed the almost two year beautiful friendships bonding among my friends. It was really slay me hard when I have to see those tears and disappointment faces from them to let their beloved classmates go separately to other class. And had to reform a new group for FYP. How could u think all of them can handle this? U were asking every each of us to do this crap called FYP, but u were so casually separated all of them into different group. What kind of management are u guys?

It's not just FYP things that killed me this week. I also have other little things that really bothered me since the day 1 of semester 4. Ichibukai, of cozz. Last Thursday I should 'meet' him or let my sight at least meet him. Or at least let him see me. But unfortunately, those Sparkles bitches girls had 'stop' me to meet him. I should be move early for the training since I finished my class early. But I had to wait the girls to show up and walks together with them to netball court. I wanted to take the path that leads to Atrium *where Ichibukai usually did his parkour training* so that I can let Ichibukai to 'see' me. So that Ichibukai's sight can obviously meet me. I bet he really miss me so bad. But once I stepped a few feet to the path, the girls called me to take the short cut way. Then I spontaneously stupid followed them and missed the chance to see him. Damn!

The first FYP meeting for Semester 4 students Network Security was held in level 4, KT5. Alhamdulillah my group was being voting by Miss Dahlia. So yeah our FYP advisor is Miss Dahlia. Poor Mu'az. He missed the chance to felt the energetic vibe in the room about FYP advisors. For me, I am totally okay with any TTO to be my group advisor. But seem my friend, Iskandar had being a bit choosy. He'd wished Miss Rafidza or Miss Amni would be our advisor because of they cute and pretty face. Duhhhh boysssss ~

Saturday seemed pretty chill and nice day for me. I was searching all over A1 for just a less than 0.2 little of cooking oil for me to cook the Carbonara Mee Ledang for lunch. Thanks to Thaqif for the set box of that Carbonara Mee Ledang. I ended up to cooked it at Shazlin's Villa Tropica Apartment. I bought the hotdog at Speed Mart and started my so-called-master-chef-skills in action. Alhamdulillah, my meal was ready to served and I ate it together with Shazlin while watching Big Momma: Like father, like son. My stomach and Shazlin's had already fulled and I decided to give the balance of carbonara mee ledang to my fellas. I was about to give it to Paan, since he had already request it in my wechat comment. But he refused to take. Ughh such a lazy boy! Then I offered it to Nas. I know Nas would never said 'No' to free food. So yeah, I gave it to Nas, or Nabil actually *lin already ws Nabil to take it* Since I was at Shazlin's which Nas's house also in same level with Shazlin's. Both Nas and Nabil teased me about Ichibukai. Duhhh...and after that me and Shazlin went to Tasik cempaka to jog with Yazwan.

I had a really great Super Sunday, which is today. First I have a best brunch with Shazlin and Nabil. We ate at Wak dol cafe. Yeah I know the place wasn't that best. I mean, the moment, the conversations, the way they make me laugh all the time during the brunch. Nabil were never stop to struggling to 'cucuk-cucuk' me about Ichibukai. About how I feel to Ichibukai. He will never stop to busted me about Ichibukai. Ohhh this man really know how cast a threat. And I have to play this safe and smart. Be careful who you're dealing with, Nabil *evil smirk* Well to be honest, Nabil were non-stop discussed about Ichibukai. He told me about how Ichibukai respond to my Carbonara Mee Ledang yesterday, about how mad Ichibukai to them *Nabil and Nas* about not telling him that they were gonna meet me yesterday, about how grateful Ichibukai to have to taste my food yesterday, about how enjoy and appreciate he was to my Carbonara Mee Ledang. All of those information were really blushed me into a big smile. Hahaha thanks Nabil ! Thanks Shazlin for bring Nabil together to our brunch.

I asked Reana to accompany me to jog to Alam Sari.But she told me that almost two days she didn't eat and just spend her time laid in bed. And I was like "What? Seriously sis?!" And at that moment I spontaneously change the plan. Instead of go jogging to Alam Sari, she asked me to accompany her to drink Oreo shake at Secret Recipe. So yeah, I can't said 'No' to chocolate drink and take her offer. She rent an Auto Myvi from his friend and drove me to Bangi Gateway. We straight away headed to Secret Recipe restaurant and made our order. Reana seemed really crave for Oreo shake and Ice Blanded chocolate was my choice. I shared my Sparkles experiences with her and she told me everything about her past two days. And also she told me about that ASCARA event for MRSM students that will be held in GMI soon. Wowww. Sometimes I forgot that I was talking personally with the most elite and smart student from MRSM. We went back to hostel once azan Mahgrib berkumandang. Well, all I can say about these four day is, two day was my unpleasant day and two day is my weekend merriment. Thanks to all whom directly or indirectly involved in my days. I am truly glad to meet all of you :)

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