Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Double Date

Heyy guys. Chapter 4 is begins now. So yeah I'm a Senior Sophomore in GMI. Everybody were busy talking and discussing about their FYP groups and projects. Which was really annoyed me all the time. Well, I was not so interested in forming a group. Not mean that I was selfish or loved to work alone like Batman. No! I mean, I hated those feeling being remote and had to forced yourself to choose whom u gonna team with. I hated those feeling when I had to see every smart students choose who ever they want to be their group members. I felt like they only choose the best for themselves, just to make sure their group are the most GEMPAK ever! And leave the rest - the not so smart or excellence students in the class - for me to pick them for my group. This was unfair thou! That's always seem so ridiculous to me, that people would want to be around someone because they're smart and score higher CGPA. It's like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste. We all know this day would come. And now, my group members is Me, Nabil, Iskandar and Muaz.

Okay enough for FYP group. So yeah, last night Lin came to A1 and gave me a piece of two cakes. One for me and one for Nabil. And I gave her a box of bracelets for the latest birthday. Sorry for the late Lin. I ate the cakes together with Nabil at Boys Cafe, which I was about to meet Ash too, to discuss about his request to join my FYP group.

While I ate those cakes, suddenly Justin Timberlake came to me and join me in the table. He was about to go back to his hostel, but he turned and run toward me. With a very charming smile on his face. He wore dark grey Uniqlo t-shirt and black jeans and dark brown leather shoes. His shimmering black Polo purse and iPhone5s always carried in his hand. So classic, sophisticated and matured. And his beautiful coco brown eyes meet mine. We have a nice chit chat while waiting Ash to come.

While Justin went to buy some food, Ash come to my table and spontaneously dropped his bag in front of my seat. He take a seat where Justin was seated. I asked Ash to sit in front of me, since Justin will come join back to eat. Ash told me everything why and what makes him to join my FYP group. from A to Z. I listened carefully everything each of words that came out from his mouth. Obviously I can't help myself from staring those gorgeous coco brown eyes. I wasn't surprised by his reason. I already know his classmates cat-fights since the first semester. Well yeah. We had almost one hour and half conversation about his current situation about FYP group and he told me to transfer into my class join my team. I said okay as long as he stick to my rules. A girl had to draw a line too.

After finished talk to Ash, I continue my conversation with Justin, which he just finished his meal. We shared lot story. Mostly about our GMI life. But I had to admit, I heard more I instead of You. Ohh okay. That's odd for me. Well, I don't have anything to shared to him so I just let him babbled all about his. His last semester final, his semester holiday, his ex-gf, his current failed JPJ test. Everything I heard is I from him. Sometimes I lost his words, bcoz I was so deeply captivated staring at his beautiful coco brown eyes. Both Ash and Justin is cute and gorgeous. So gorgeous until I felt unworthy for their presence. How the hell they got that power to make my heartbeat shakily like this?

2320pm I went back to my hostel. Well yeah. I just have a double date in one night. That's so wow, Hana. You nailed it! Hahaha. And both of them were so beautiful last night. Thanks to Ash and Justin and also to Nabil too, bcoz u guys really made my night. Unexpected things always happens. All u have to do is just follow the flow and enjoy the moments :)

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