Monday, 21 September 2015

Esc by Budak Tomato at Iman Shoppe

Hey peps. I was coincidently had spent my Sunday at Iman Shoppe @ Serdang. Well, Akma asked me to accompany her jaga kedai together. What a last min request from her. She called me this morning and we have a negotiation. So I decided to teman her jaga kedai.

Actually we have to be at Iman Shoppe before 930am. But we were a bit late, so yeah we arrived it at almost 10am. Blerhhh, it was me that cause the late. I felt terribly bad to Akma. I'm sorry, sis! T_T

So yeah. I was having a really good time date with all the books at Iman Shoppe. For the first time, I've step in to Akma's work place and the nice smell of vanila fresh air was a really nice scent for my nostrils. Hewhewhehe :D Plus the smell of thousands of new books. Wahhh *salivating* and the decoration of the bookstore, was really neat and stylish. There's so many reading corner for customer to having a free reading time. Ohh maii...I felt I was soooo in wonderlanddd ^_^

Sis pun tak ketinggalan jugak baca buku free free je kat situ. Sampai khatam sis baca. Hahaha *bukan selalu eh nak habiskan satu buku dalam satu hari* Akma recommended a Esc by Budak Tomato for me to read. She said that Iman Publication is having a photo contest at Instagram. You just need to take a shot with Esc book and write your review about the book less than 100 words. Then post it at your own Instagram and tag to @imanpublication and put a #EscMato in your caption/review. Of coz u have to unprivated your Instagram account so that the @ImanPublication can see your photo.

I kinda interested with the photo contest. I decided want to take a roughly shots and Akma need to give her review for the caption. But Akma forced me to read by myself and write my own review about the book. Okay challenge is accepted then! I read it until the last page. In less that half of the day I've finished read the Esc book by Budak Tomato. Wahhh congratulation geek! Hahahaha :D

After finished it, I've take a number of rapid shots of the book. Akma had helps me with the lighting and the tools for the book to 'posing' . *buku pun kena posing jugak eh?* Ehhh?? Hahaha what ever laa. Setelah berpuas hati dengan hasil mamarazzi buku Esc tu, aku pun tekun la mengedit dengan vsco cam. Yeah I'll never stop vscocam-ing hehehe! I and Akma had discussed what a bombastic words need to put for the review/caption of the photo. For more review/caption for the book, u guys can check it out at my Instagram @hannazamri.

Well, I'm not expecting to be a winner *even thou hadiah nya akan dapat t-shirt officially by Iman Publication* I'm just enjoy do the shot and editing with vsco cam. Well it's just me, the Farhana Zamri who loves photography and editing. Wehehehehe :D

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