Friday, 11 September 2015

Crushed to the ground

Hai geng! Ehh wait...sejak bila kau ada geng ni? Elehhh biar laa

Well, hari tu aku dah membebel, meluahkan semua isi buku hati aku ni cakap pasal design t-shirt aku yang gempak tu kena reject mentah-mentah depan semua orang *ouhhh pelisss I don't want to remember about it again! T_T* Patah seribu aku dibuatnya. Huhuhuhuh

Okay so last Sunday, was my moment of triumph. Wuhoo yeayyy! Why it's my moment of triumph? Yeahh bcoz a few of  my to-do-list things was done! :D The best part was my morning service. Hehehe. Well, the Saturday was my worst day for me. First I went for parkour but no one there at the Sport Complex except the JPAM troop doing their marching practice. So Ichibukai were also on that marching. Practice kawad. And petang tu I went to padang again to check out if any Freerunners turun training. But sadly no one came. So no parkour for Saturday. Ughhh what a waste!


That morning I wen to padang, early. Always, huhu. Actually, it was kinda bit late thou. I keluar dari hostel pun 830am. And when i arrived to the padang, still no one there. Haiyaaa how long laa I need to wait people like dis, all the time? Then I proceed to do warm up first while waiting for them to show up.

Ichibukai sampai dulu, but he didn't recognize me at there. He thought that I was the makcik cleaner. Lol. Then Aina datang. She yelled my name "Farhanaaaaaa" happily. Whoaaa someone's really semangat nak parkour hari ni. Ingatkan aku sorang je semangat. Me and Aina jogged around the campus then buat vaults. Goshhh I was gasping for air! But then Aina felt boring already then she run to the tengah tengah padang and do wateva she wants. Star jump, hand stand, rolling and watsoeva laa. She shouted my name from tengah tengah padang while I was busy with my almost success vaults jump. She ask me to come to her and do wateva I know. Well, I'm sorry. I have to say that I am still barely new with this parkour and stunts. Don't expect me to know everything to do that all.

Then Ichibukai ask both me and Aina to train flip jump. Since at that padang we have that tilam pembalut tiang goal rugby, Ichibukai used that as an obstacles for us to do the flip. Me and Aina bergilir gilir buat flip. Aina did better. Of cozz she was. While me was like berguling-guling like I just throwing myself to the ground. I bet you guys will LOL when u watch me do the flip. It's really funny thou. I also felt the funny. And yeahh, Ichibukai and Aina burst into laugh. I do over and over again bcoz Ichibukai keep force me to do it again and again. He asks me to land it with my feet. Not throwing myself hard to the ground T_T *seriously! sangat sakit dohh* I keep do it over and over again and he just observed my move. He says do this and that, don't do this and that, and bla bla bla. Hahaha.

Lari lari lari
then flip
then I terlentang!

*over and over again* I dont know. Maybe a zillions time I tergolek depan Ichibukai. Huhuhu.

Duhh obviously Ichibukai were really enjoy watched me tergolek terguling sana sini. I was kinda shy and blushed tho. Huhuhu. I never tergolek terguling teruk macam tu in front of other guy. I think he really enjoys that morning. Watch out, Ichibukai! Lower your gaze! Or I will pin your eyes with a fork bahahahaaha.

But yeah, I was really glad that I have parkour on that Sunday. Which mean, my first to-do-list thing was done perfectly *senyum lebar lebar :)*

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