Sunday, 2 August 2015

Parkour. Hoodie. Birthday girl

Semalam 1 Ogos, semua tahu kat mereka mereka buat demo kat Sogo semalam, hashtag #TangkapNajib wat-so-ever tulaa. But sorry, I'm gonna talk about politic right now. I'm not a political experts.

Okay so semalam, I started my first August by crushing-off my morning ego with Parkour. Parkour? You do parkour, Hanna?! Seriously?! Hahaha yup. I just started training parkour nowadays. Sis training dengan one of my hoodie customer. I called him Ichibukai. Hahaha sound weird right. Masa mula mula jual hoodie dulu dia yang letak ws id dia "Ichibukai" and sampai sekarang sis panggil dia dengan nama tu. Okay so I training parkour with this guy. Ichibukai is so-called my official trainer laa. Hahaha. Dia ajar sis basic jump, freerun, rolling and how to break all the obstacles.

And pagi semalam, was my second day training. We olls tarining kat padang. Janji pukul 730am. But u know, the moment when you're dealing your time with the dudes, never expect them to be on time. So yeah, he's late. Btw dia duduk luar dah this sem. Warm up and training dengan dia dulu. He teach me how to melepasi the tembok merah kat sport complex tu. I watched him do the demo. Then I was like "Wowww hebatnya!". Then he ask me to do the same thing. Then I do. At first memang kelakar. It's like you're trying to belajar berjalan. After I do, he said that my wrist need to go forward too. Ohh okey, obviously he observed my movement which is make me blushed. Then he teach me using both hand while jump over the obstacle. Sis try over and over again. Practice makes perfect right. Then sorang sorang kawan dia datang. The first one I not recognized who was it, but the second it was Fuzzackey. Fazari Zaki. Okayy one of the Sparkles is doing parkour too. Then kami semua belajar panjat tembok laa, panjat pagar laa, jump from the higher place, rolling while landing and so on.

While mereka bertiga sibuk train styles masing-masing, sis pulak sibuk practice nak lompat guna dua belah tangan tu. Practice pratice practice then suddenly I tersilap langkah then my whole body hit the floor hard. VERY HARD! and it's VERY HURTS! T_T I felt like the world is shaking off  like the Malaysian feel how shocking the news about the Cabinet Reshuffle. Pain demand to be felt! *quotes from TFIOS* I sit straight and I looked up. The boys already there, watching me, staring at me, feel sorry for me, and asked...

"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"

Over and over again. Ughh am I look so fragile to them?! Then I standing straight, show them that I am perfectly fine! But actually inside it's really hurtttt T_T. Then mereka ajak pergi makan. Okay then I just followed them eat. It's not a parkour if you don't fall hurt.

And yesterday, Nazhif text me. Ohh my ohh my!!! O_o Happy nya sis. Lama benor sis tunggu dia ws sis. About hoodie of coz. He ask me the balance of last sem 6 hoodies. He told me to transfer the money once I sold them all. Well yeahh, 4 of them already been sold. Tinggal 2 je lagi. So I decided just transfer semua jelaa terus. Malas nak tunggu tunggu lagi. And next Thursday, he wanna meet me and Shazlin. Yesss that's what I wanna hear from you, boy. So the date is saved! Thursday, 6th August 2015, Golden Finger cafe maybe or library maybe. IDK. Ikut awak jelaa, Nazhif.

Today 2nd August. Happy birthday to my makdak Norita and to my housemate, Nadia Khaidzir. Happy last teenage year babe! Have a wonderful dayyy *tepuk tangan!* Hadiah nanti sis kasi ye. Ayu or Jelita. You choose Ayu then. So Im gonna get your "Ayu" *what the hell is Ayu and Jelita?* Nanti uolls tahu la hihihi.

Alright. Sampai di sini saja ucapan sis untuk awal August ni. Nanti sis borak lagi kat sini ye. Okay take uolls muah muah muahhhhh ^3^

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