Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday's Travels


Hi peps. Hari ni aku jadi traveler tak bertauliah *ohh jadi traveler pun kena bertauliah eh* 
Semalam lepas, maghrib terus siap-siap nak balik Puchong. Kemain petang tu beriya iya suruh ayah amik aku kat GMI ni. Then around 9.15pm macam tu ayah sampai GMI. Alhamdulillah, kami selamat sampai rumah pukul 10pm.

Aku balik Puchong pun sebab aku nak kena amik barang yg aku order online dari IG. Should be dah sampai kat rumah aku, tapi masa post man tu hantar tiada siapa kat rumah. Then he gave my sister a notice, which is ask me to claim the parcel at the HQ post office at Taman Industri Puchong. The heck man!

Pagi-pagi pukul 9am dah keluar rumah. Terpaksa naik cab nak ke post office tersebut sebab takde public bus lalu kat situ. Lepas claim barang then aku jalan kaki pergi bustop kat tepi hi-way. Guess what? It's almost take 20 min to walks from the kawasan industri tu ke bustop tu. Luckily kaki aku panjang. So, I double enlarge the steps. The workers and the engineers were looking me weird. Of coz they would think "Why on earth that Malay girl walk alone in this kind of places?" or they would think "Takde kerja ke budak ni jalan sorang2 kat tempat industri ni?" and I was like of coz, just ignored they stares and invisible thoughts.

From the bustop, I take a bus went to IOI Mall, Puchong. My point is to hunt the Pengajian Malaysia book. Dari hari tu pergi KLCC tak jumpa-jumpa lagi. Sampai Popular, survey sana sini, asked the service counter, lastly they said "It's already sold out laa dik. Sorry ye" then I just thanked them. Erhhhh perut aku lapar ni. kang aku telan jugak semua buku ni.

Then, I decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. I take a cab from the bustop. Well, you know the moment when you naik cab kat Puchong ni, you have to willing to pay the price. Of cos they will be cekik darah punya harga dorang akan letak. Unless you were good at dealing with people then you can reconsider the price with the driver.

Safely arrived Sunway Pyramid, then straight away went to Popular bookstore. I wish they have the Pengajian Malaysia. But, langit tak selalu nya cerah. It's already sold out too. Damn! Huhuhuhu. What a pathetic Friday for me! T_T Dear Pengajian Malaysia book, why you're so so soooo unavailable at Popular bookstore? I want to buy you laaa... Ya Tuhan sabar jelaaa.

Setelah fedup dengan pemburuan buku Pengajian Malaysia, I decided to go back straight to my campus. I take a bus then stop at Mid Valley Megamall. Sampai Mid Valley, I almost forget about to tapau the Mac'D for Miera. Then, I decided nak pergi Mac'D then cawww away. But then I suddenly remember the MPH bookstore. Then I decided to go MPH. Alhamdulillah, Allah listen to what I want today. There's a lots of Pengajian Malaysia books at the shelves. That time rasa nak peluk staffs yang tunjuk buku Pengajian Malaysia tu. Rasa nak joget-joget je kat situ. HAHAHA. Finally, I've found you babe!

Then I bought it for two *for Aishah and Rahmah* After MPH, I went to Mac'D then tapau two double cheese burger. Then singgah sebentar at Uniqlo *It is a must boutique to go, even tho only for window shopping* Then, walk out of Mid Valley, bought the train ticket, then back to the campus.

Alhamdulillah, I was safely arrived GMI at 3.40pm. Well, it's a super exhausted Friday's travel. HAHAHA. Yeah, it was really exhausted you know. Carried the bag pack full of two thick buku Pengajian Malaysia load almost half of the day. Travelling from Post Office - IOI Mall - Sunway Pyramid - Mid Valley Megamall. Huhuhu.

I'm not gonna groan or whimper about it. It's a great journey tho. I bet there will be no other teenage girls would be pleasant to do what I do. And I am very proud of myself that I've already did it and face it the journey. And I am very thankful to the Almighty coz protect and give me strength to find the ilmu. Allah tahu aku sanggup redah semua dugaan dan cabaran hanya semata mata nak cari buku tu. Allah tahu aku nak ilmu tu. Subahanallah, semua ini adalah rancangan-Nya. Alhamdulillah :)

Well then, that's all my story for today, the Friday, master of all days. And ohh ya, Alhamdulillah. The parcel that I claim from the post office is thisss>>>

* * *

*my phone cannot transfer the picture. So I can't upload it at here. Huhuhu T_T. Sokay u olls boleh tengok kat Instagram I okay ;)*

* * *

My new phone casing is ready to rock! Yeahhh. Thanks @ieqanf_craft for the new casing. ^_^ Alhamdulillah :)

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