Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nak rendah sedikit, bukan nak pendek

Halo. Somebody miss me? HAHA. Sorry for not blogging for this couple of days. I'm busy with addmath and doing my role as the best as I can as a kakak mithali. Hehhh -.-'

Do you wanna know something? I'm taller than everyone *not everyone*. I mean, I'm taller than all my friends in school. I'm not show off or what. But erhh... nothing...But I found this>>>

Ways to get shorter!!!

Now I'm in process to do the number 1. And I think I should ask my mom or dad for buy me a mount of ice cream and gummy bear. Whooo huu..... >.< I just want to decreases my height so that...erhhh forget about that. HAHAha -.-'