Monday, 28 October 2013


Haloo babes and dudes. Lets scream "aaaaarrrrrhhhhhhh" together with me until top of our voice. The BIGGEST exam is very near! So near, so close. Just 7 days ahead. S-E-V-E-N and I'm still here blogging? What? HAHAH -.-'

Well, I extremely want the school to end faster but at the same time I wanna walk outta ESEMPI with straight A's in hand. I don't feel confident at all because of my trial results. They are bad. Not really good. I only score 2A's in Trial. *lari daripada target*. HUHU I really hope my friends and I could ace the SPM with flying colours. Yeahhh :D

In SPM's schedule, all science stream subjects *Physic, Chem and Bio* will be held in straight 3 days. So there's less gap between that 3 importance subjects. That's mean I have to struggles more on that subjects. Well, I wanna be the Pharmacist and Agrology. So I must score at least B+ for all science subjects. Nak score straight A's pun tak boleh nak confident sangat. Aku ni biasa-biasa saja.

Anyway I'm freaking out right now. I'm really scared of SPM. I want to catch at least 5A's or 6A's but now I know life was definitely not a bed of roses. Every exam or test in our life makes us better or bitter.

Okay, good luck to all 96's, and also to my cousin The Poyos one *he was -.-'* who is study in vokasional Shah Alam. I'll make sure that my results is better that you. Wuhoooo!!! *please don't over confident* Last but not least to all my 96' friends in ESEMPI *neither I know you or not* let's break our last year record. Lets make the teachers acknowledge us, make them proud, make them talking about us like they never forget us. HEHEHE to much pressure huh? :P

But remember, Allah has the great plan for us. So, lets just carry on with our effort.

p.s: Farhana Zamri is away from updating the blog because SPM is crying for her attentions. She need to get ready for her Mega battles. Assalamualaikum and adiousss girls and boys. :)

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  1. good luck dik :)
    do the best for your SPM ok, strike flying colours for all subject.
    I know you can do it :)
    anyway, don't wish it last faster, trust me, one fine day, when yo're out of the school, you'll miss them badly.
    Just make it last forever, enjoy your school time with friends. Cherish the memories :)

  2. yeahh, I'll miss them so bad. especially to my crush. lol :3 thanks for the support btw. i'll really appreciate it ;')


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