Thursday, 12 September 2013



I'm so glad that Addmaths paper was done for these trial exam. Studied addmaths were so exhausted and makes me worn out. Now my SPM is on his way to come. So I have to get ready for the 'mega battle' in my life.

Okay nothing mush to say. And I just pass by the sweet couple. I saw the way the 'gepren' hugging his 'bopren'. It's like her heart said like this...

Well, if i have a boyfriend one day I'll do the same thing too. I mean not hugging him in public, I know how to behave myself as a muslim girl. I'll take a good care of my boyfriend, I'll make sure that no one can't steal him from me. HAHA. why i'm writing this? Absolutely I'm insane! kbai... -__-