Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ramadan is coming!


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Dear my fellow stalkers, may peace be with you all. Today is the last day of June, and tomorrow is the beginning of July and I'm fairly excited because Ramadan is coming!!! HAHA

I love Ramadan, it's my favourite month and I'm sure many of you will agree when I say it brings us all so much closer to our deen and our God. Not that we shouldn't always strive to be close to Him, but especially in Ramadan as we no excuse...

When Ramadan comes, the gates of the garden are opened, the gates of the fire are closed and the devils are chained up.
[Bukhari and Muslim]

Allah says in Al-Quran:
'Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become pious.'

Ramadan is the month in which sins are burned to ash. Those who fast in the month of Ramadan believing in Allah and his Messenger (SAW) and seeking reward, all their past sins are forgiven.
[Bukhari and Muslim]

No slave fasts one day in the way of Allah without Allah distancing him 70 years journey away from the fire on account of that day.
[Bukhari and Muslim]

Whoever fasts experiences 2 joys. He is joyful when he breaks his fast and he is joyful because of his fasting when he meets his lord.
[Sahih Muslim]

The sleep of the fasting one is worship, his silence is glorification, his good actions are multiplied, his prayers answered and his sins are forgiven.

There are so so so many blessing in this holy month. The prophet (SAW) said:
'If my Ummah knew what was in Ramadan they would wish that the whole year was Ramadan.'

Subhahanallah, I pray to Allah to guide us all this Ramadan and bless us with His glorious blessings. I pray we make the most of this month and we are pardoned by the Almighty for all the wrong we do. I pray He fills our hearts with light and love for Him and for His Prophet (SAW).

Ameen :)

p.s: My birthday also just around the corner. Don't forget to wish ya ^_^ and sorry for my grammar mistakes.